Political Collapse: The Three Issues President Obama Owns Outright

If we are witnessing the unraveling of the Obama agenda over the past several months, then it is arguably happening based on three major public policy issues: healthcare, immigration, and foreign policy/fighting terrorism. Considering that this slate comprises the most […]

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America Needs to Be More Like Joan Rivers

She was vulgar, crass, and irreverent, but she was also witty, and very, very relatable. In fact, it is what was most endearing about Joan Rivers – almost everyone could relate to her simple, candid barbs attacking individuals who reflected […]

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Veteran's Wheelchair

Lowe’s to the Rescue! VA Fails Disabled War Vet

War is hell – no one knows that better than a disabled American veteran – but life after war may be the greater curse, at least until a team of red-vested angels comes along. One of the countless vets who have been ignored by […]

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T-Mobile Accused of Bilking Customers – 3 Steps to Prevent More Brand Damage

T-Mobile is renowned for its revolution against cellular phone contracts, a customer loyalty trap made possible by required two-year agreements we all have with our mobile carriers. In fact, T-Mobile’s growth can largely be attributed to this market disruption model […]

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Why We Should All Celebrate the Clintons’ Wealth

Much attention has been given in recent weeks to the wealth of the Clinton family, including daughter Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky (see: Chelsea Clinton’s wealth can’t buy her class). The attention was triggered by Hillary Clinton herself, who […]

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