The Tax Fairness Doctrine


As the presidential campaign begins in earnest now that Mitt Romney has officially captured the GOP nomination, watch the class warfare rhetoric reach a fever pitch in short order.

A reflection of this strategy is the introduction of legislation by U.S. Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Robert Casey (D-PA) to chase after tax evaders like Eduardo Saverin, who renounced his citizenship before the Facebook IPO to avoid the capital gains taxes from the anticipated sale of his shares.

While Schumer and Casey care a lot about the taxes they can loot from Saverin, their bill is really about optics, and dividing squishy Republicans from stalwart tax-cutters. The more Democrats can link Republicans to billionaires like Saverin, the more they believe they will win the class warfare argument to scare voters into reelecting Obama and keeping the Senate in Democrats’ hands.

Billionaires such as Saverin and Facebook’s supposed founder Mark Zuckerberg may have worked hard to achieve their wealth, but they are also extremely lucky. Suggesting that these big government techies have something to do with Republicans is silly.

Considering the notion of getting millionaires and billionaires their “fair share” – which is fundamental to the class warfare strategy — The real question that should be posed to Democrats running for reelection is: how much is “fair share” in terms of tax rates? Is 50% of income and capital gains taxes a “fair share”? How about 60%?

The details matter when it comes to the level of taxes that Americans are saddled with, especially because of the expected record tax increases beginning January 1, 2013 to fund the Obama stimulus, ObamaCare, and more.

Pinning-down tax-hikers on how they define “fair share” should be a top priority throughout this election year and will help prevent them from winning the class warfare fight towards their ultimate goals on Election Day.

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Mark Serrano is a leading political and policy strategist, public affairs and digital PR expert, Internet entrepreneur, media commentator, and blogger. He is the CEO of ProActive Communications and VOPED.


  1. Godlessjim says:

    Mark Serrano, “cronyism” you should know about that you little reactionary. You gave your college roommate, the former San Diego Padres Chicken, a job as motivational speaker at the first SNAP conference in St. Louis. (A motivational speaker at a victims gathering??????)  I left after he told us to “get over it”.  And weren’t you one of the speakers who called our perpetrators ,”fags” and “queers”? Even though at least 10% of all victims are gay?

  2. Godlessjim says:

     It ‘s obvious on which side you stand in the class war and it aint with the 99%. What strategy are you offering the ruling class Mark? Read Atlas Shrugged again?
     Ayn Rand was an idiot , who couldn’t see the forest for the tree.  And yes I’ve read all her junk. But I grew up. Her arguments are faked.
    And how are you so “connected” that you can stand next to 2 presidents? Excuse me, 2 of the worst presidents ever and that’s saying something.
     I would love to know how you became so important?

  3. Godlessjim says:

     Also the chicken wasn’t a victim, just a roomy in need of a credit on their resume. Used again.

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